Eco Logistics Solutions

We are into Enhancing Business operations for Logistics Companies worldwide, we reduce 40% of process cycle on every activity that we assist. We address the problems that are common to any freight forwarding company such as Resource limitations during increased sales and Effective resource utilization during low sales, Accurate and Quick responses at all times for your customers, Enhancing Focus on customer acquisition for everyone in your organization, Losing time on redundant tasks and training redundant resources, Inconsistent data flow – between departments, with shipping line, agents, with vendors.

Our solutions/services includes:- Export & Import (New file/job/Dossier Creation), Booking Creation in carrier website, Shipping Instructions submission/Drafts amendment submission with Shipping Lines/Carrier, Container Notifications, Waiver submission (based on POD), Delay / Change Request, Customs Declaration / Submissions, Follow-up SI/Drafts with shippers/Agents before sailing date, Input/ QC of Incoming Invoices – Comparing with projections, Freight Rate input – Shipping Line/Truck/Barge/Rail
Port Tariff Input, Tracking – ETA/ETS/ ATA/ATS for all containers everyday, KPI report on ETA with ATA and ETS with ATS, Sailing Schedule and Calculating CO2 for all shipments.

Our software solutions includes Quotation Management System (sending Quotation to Customers), Rate Management System (Handling Net rates from carrier), Tracking and Tracing the containers, Carbon Emission Tool, Agent Network tool, Warehouse Management system, CRM – Customer Relationship Management system, TMS for your small branches

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